Assisting 11 year old Aleena to paint

Assisting 11 year old Aleena to paint

I was born in Hammond, Indiana on January 26th. At the age of two, I could be found happily engaged in sand play in the dunes of our backyard. I would spend hours creating. I have been a lifelong practicing artist since that early age.

Of four children, I am the second one. Our family moved every two to five years from state to state fulfilling the ambitions of my father’s steel industry career. I grew up being an observer of place and object. Creativity kept me connected as I continually left my friends behind. Art was my go to playmate and passion.

I attended Humboldt State University and received a BA in Art Studio. I was aware that I wanted a career being creative and split my major between graphic design, papermaking, and watercolor painting. Eager to make a living being creative, I entered the work world as a graphic designer. I’ve delved into many forms of design and print production. Book design has been my specialty for years. I’ve been honored to design and produce books that have been published worldwide by many noted authors.

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Aleena's finished painting, her mahout, and I

Aleena’s finished painting, her mahout, and I

As the computer became more into use, I craved working with raw, tactile materials and really learn to paint. In 2000, I discovered an outstanding painting teacher who taught how to build a painting in the ways of the old masters. To this day I continue to learn from Larry Robinson and grateful to paint with a wonderful community of painters. My recent trips to Thailand have inspired me to paint Buddhas and elephants. I have been fortunate to assist elephants as they paint.