Having a pet is one of the most enriching connections a person can have. A portrait of your pet can celebrate the central role the pet has in your life or it can be a keepsake long after the pet is no longer with you.

My love of animals and many years of painting have inspired an emotional and intuitive connection to paint pet portraits. I can paint all type of pets. I am very interested in capturing the mood, character traits, and unique features of your, furry, feathered, or reptile friend. I do not need to meet your pet before I start the portrait, but would like knowing some details and personality traits about them.

I paint my pet portraits on high quality canvas with acrylic paint. I’ll need one or more of your favorite photographs to capture the felt sense and charisma of the animal. I accept digital photographs or you can send me a hard copy. The canvas sizes range from 11 x 14 inches and larger. Prices start at 350.00 and up, depending on complexity and size.

As both an animal lover and painter, I am looking forward to starting a portrait of your pet. Contact me through my contact page to talk about your pet and get your pet portrait started. Please allow about four weeks for completion. Price does not include shipping.